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    Spark.Toys Toy Box subscription delivery in Singapore

    Delivery of our Toy Box at your doorstep.

    Spark.Toys Toy Box subscription delivery in Singapore

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  • What We Do

    Provide access to a lot of toys

    Expensive toys at affordable price

    Our wallet-friendly service offers access to 500+ toys to makes sure your kid always gets the best age-appropriate toys every month so that they are never denied an opportunity to play and learn.

    Conserve the planet


    We are serious about sustainability. Our circular economy model reduces the number of toys bought by 90% and what more, we recycle all our toys at the end of their life cycle. We have the spare parts for all our toys to repair them if a toy is broken or a part is lost.

    Reduce Clutter

    No more space constraints

    We know how expensive real-estate in Singapore is. You no longer need space to store all the toys your kids own.

    Curate Award Winning Toys

    Best toys from around the world

    Our inventory doesn't just have the popular brands available in Singapore. Many of our toys such as Turing Tumble are sourced from Kickstarter and other channels, which aren't available in Singapore.

    Zero Ownership

    Pay for utility not the life of a toy

    The utility of toys these days are 15-30 days. After which your child loses interest in them. But the life of the toy is 1-2 years. You are currently, paying for the life of the toy, with our service you only have to pay for the utility.

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