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    What are your membership plans and pricing?

    Our pricing is simple. $50 per month for a monthly subscription. For longer durations, such as quarterly, half yearly and annual subscriptions, there is an additional discount. For Yearly subscriptions, a birthday gift is included in the box delivered on the month of your Child's birthday.

    How will I get the deposit back?

    We require security deposit only for monthly subscriptions. Cancel before your next month subscription deduction date. We will get in touch with you to collect the box from your doorstep. Once all the parts and toys are confirmed, the $100 credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment within 5-7 working days (from the day of collection of the box).

    What if my kid misplaces any toy piece?

    From our experience, the toy parts always turn up within a week or two during cleaning. So don't worry. Just leave a note, either on the feedback form or a note inside the box. We won't charge you for the lost pieces for a month. Post which, in very rare cases we might charge a nominal fee to cover our replacement expenses.

    What if my kid breaks the toy?

    We understand that kids are enthusiastic about playing with our toys and sometimes toys do break. It is fine. If a toy/part breaks, please don't try to fix it yourself. Just return it to us with a note (either on the feedback from that will be sent to you ahead of your next box or just a note in the box itself). We will not charge you anything given that you have returned all the pieces, including the broken ones.


    For some intentional damages, such as burns etc. we might have to review case by case and in rare cases, charge a nominal fee to cover the expenses to refurbish the toys.

    How do I pause my Subscription?

    Just drop us a note (email or contact form or whatsapp) and we will pause your subscription for you.

  • TOYS

    What kind of toys can I expect?

    Each box will have $150+ worth of toys. Most of them will be award-winning toys from well-known brands. We also experiment a little with traditional toys and innovative toys from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter etc.

    Can I select the toys?

    Currently, no. In the future, we will implement a wishlist for our Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual subscribers, where you can select up to 20 toys. We will do our best to include those toys in your subscription period.

    I know some cool toys that I would like to suggest. How can I suggest?

    That is great. Please use the contact form below to suggest the toys. Toy name and if possible a link to let us know where to get them will be much appreciated.

    Are all your toys only STEM toys or do you have non-stem toys as well?

    We have a range of toys. Many of which fall under the developmental and STEM toys category. But we also believe that children need access to fun toys that build their character, and we try to include them as well.

    How clean are the toys?

    They are extremely clean. We first use an Ultrasonic cleaner, that removes all the dirt and de-greases the toys. We use two toddler-friendly sanitizers and air-dry the toys. We then use a high-intensity UV sanitizer and then pack it into airtight boxes.


    Based on your subscription date, you will be either in Track#1 or Track#2. Following is handy guide to let you know when to expect your toy box deliveries.

  • How will I receive the order?

    You can select the time you want us to deliver the toys at your customer portal. We will confirm the time with you one day before our delivery (over email or whatsapp or SMS). If it is inconvenient, you can let us know and we will arrange for delivery accordingly.

    Do I need to remember when to return?

    No. We will email you a couple of days before your next box delivery, so you will know when to have the previous toys packed and ready for us to collect.

    Do I have to clean the toys before returning?

    No. We will take care of it. But if you want to clean it, do feel free to.

    How do I pack the toys for return?

    Please pack the toys in the respective boxes they came in. Use the part list manual to ensure all the parts are inside the box. If any part is missing or broken, just leave a note in that respective box.


    Every time, you send the boxes packed with the right parts (without any mixup between different toys), we will award 5 points. For every 20 points, you gather, your kid will get a mystery gift. You can use this reward to teach your kids the importance of tidying up after they play.

    Can I request pickup/drop from a different address?

    Yes, you can. Let us know the pickup/drop address, when we send you the notification for the next box delivery/collection (via SMS, Whatsapp or email).

    Can I keep the toys?

    Yes, sometimes children do get attached to the toys and you might want to keep it. From our experience, more often than not, kids lose interest in the toys when a next box full of new toys arrive. So our suggestion is to hold on to the previous box or some toys of the box for an additional month. Just let us know and we will collect the partial box and deliver a new box. If at the end of the next month, your child is still attached to the toy, we can work out a discounted rate for you to buy the toy or for a nominal fee, buy a new one for you.

    What if I received a broken toy?

    This should normally never happen. Our Quality Control is in place to make sure such things don't happen. But if a toy gets damaged during transportation, do let us know immediately and we will deliver a replacement within 2 days.


    Please use the below form to let us know your suggestions, questions and recommendations. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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